Baka Beyond the Forest

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Baka Beyond the Forest

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Ajouté: 30-08-2009
Durée: 2m 48s
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Listen to tracks from the new album at If you have never heard Baka Beyond before prepare for something of unique and unusual beauty; if you know Baka Beyond you will no doubt agree that Beyond The Forest is their best work yet. The haunting, mystical vocals on the album were recorded on a solar-powered 8-track machine in the middle of the Cameroon rainforest which has been inhabited by the Baka Pygmies, an ethnic group of hunter-gatherers, for thousands of years. At night time the Baka Pygmy women perform powerful ritual singing (yelli) to ensure a successful hunt. Back in the UK, Baka Beyond leader Martin Cradick deconstructed the original interwoven vocal lines and replaced some voices with bass and acoustic guitar. The result is a stunningly beautiful, other-worldly album. As well as offering a rare glimpse into an exquisite disappearing musical culture, buying this album also directly supports the Baka who face various problems such as being disenfranchised from the forest.

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